Bar K Board Meeting Minutes – 02/28/2006


Attendees:  Jack Kutscher, Margie Airola, Cary Bush, Tim Crean

Guests:  Dee Huntley


Treasurer’s Report:


Cary went over the numbers.  We are in pretty good shape this year, but we still have a number of members (approx. 23) from 2005 who have not yet paid dues for 2006.  Tim will work with Pat on getting out another overdue dues letter to members who have not paid up.


We have 1 “unknown check” which Cary will look into at the bank, so we can match it up with the donor before we sent out the overdue dues letter.




The majority of the meeting was spent going thru the budget items from 2005 and creating a 2006 working budget.  The Board decided that we are willing to spend the $$ to finish up the Rock Lake re-seeding in the Spring.   The budget will dip into our reserve fund, but it is anticipated that we will get that $ back from the members who have overdue dues.


Rock Lake Restoration:


Finishing up on re-seeding and planting some trees at Rock Lake is a big priority for 2006.  The Board OK’d a preliminary amount of $1,200 for topsoil and $1,000 for hydroseeding.  We will need to have at least two work parties in the Spring to spread topsoil before hydroseeding is done.  In addition, we may try to dig up some aspens in the lower meadow to transplant around Rock Lake.




We need to determine the size of last year’s fingerlings in Rock Lake before we can decide what to stock rock lake with or whether to stock Rock Lake this year.  Board approved $1,000 for the initial fish stocking.  Fishing committee will determine types of fish and how many.  Fishing committee needs more volunteers, since it is currently a committee of one (Jack).




The barns and fences in pastures need some work.  We have the material on hand, but need to have 1 –2 work crews to do the work to fix fences.  The barn could use some work, but it was decided that Rock Lake should take priority this year.


Bar K Association:


Cary suggested a “Who is and What is” the Bar K Board Association mailing.  Tim will work on a draft and send it out for comments/suggestions.  Idea is to raise awareness of what the Board does and where the dues are spent, etc


Annual meeting:


A motion was raised to separate the annual meeting from the Summer Picnic.  The Board approved giving this a try.  The annual meeting will be held in July and the meeting announcement will go out 30 days prior to the meeting.  The idea is to make the Summer Picnic about community and having fun and less about administrative details and board updates.





The Newsletter staff is in need of help for all issues, but for the Spring issue in particular because Andee Graves is expecting in April.


The next newsletter will be in late April/early May , followed by another in late July prior to the Picnic.


Tim, Pat and Margie will help with delivery.


Board OK’d the budget #’s to provide for 130 copies of each newsletter, instead of 100




Fritz indicated that the aerator repair bill was given to Pat back in Sept/Oct, but he did not know if it had been paid, or if Keeton had sent bill.  Cary paid bill in November.


Adopt – a – Road:


The Board unanimously approved renewing the Bar K’s adoption of the section of Overland between Bar K and the bottom of the switchbacks.  Tim e-mailed Sally to let her know that it was approved.  No paperwork is necessary on our end.


Cutting Road to lower meadow:


The road that goes down to lower meadow is in need or re-routing due to erosion issues.  Brady Kutscher has volunteered to re-cut the old Forest Service road.  The Board unanimously approved this.   There is no cost associated.