Bar-K Board Meeting

Wednesday, Oct 25th 2006


Location: Crean’s Home


Call to Order: 7:10pm.



Bar-K Board Members Present
: Tim Crean, Pres; Margie Airola, Vice Pres; Pat Griffin, Secretary;  Jack Kutscher, At Large; Dee Huntley, Newly elected member


Association Members Present: Gayle Rose, Steve Edwards, Linda Huntley, Buddy Kihm


Approval of Minutes from Previous meeting - accepted


Financial Report/Old Business – reviewed treasurer’s report briefly, Cary was not in attendance for more detail.

-          County Chipping reimbursement has been received.  Need to wait until Cary is back from vacation to put in bank and distribute funds.

-          Review of last years budget

o       Rock Lake restoration

§         Members assuming about 25% successful with reseeding effort.  Many “weed” species that came up this summer will have to be looked at for mitigation once more grass takes hold.

o       Fish Stocking

§         Will need to do analysis of lake levels in the spring prior to allocating fish stocking money.

o       Common Lands

§         Somewhat neglected last year because of the focus on Rock Lake.  In 2006 more money will be allocated for maintenance of common lands.

Membership Report – not officially reviewed since treasurer was not present, but membership is currently low.


New Business:

-          Margie will create and issue fishing passes to members of the association.

-          Discussion on installing playground equipment on the common lands and how to increase membership led to creation of the Community Relations committee.

o       Gayle Rose and Dee Huntley are co-chairs.

o       Ideas being discussed

§         Creation of a community “socializing area” that could include playground equipment, gazebo or other amenities.  Implications such as insurance cost, maintenance, etc will be discussed at follow on committee meetings. 

§         “Welcome Basket” for new neighbors, contents to include information on the Association, local businesses, utilities information, school information,  resident’s information (if they desire to share it) etc.

§         Membership dues payment options to make it easier from a financial side to join the Association.  Current dues are $120/year.


o       First community relations committee meeting will be Nov 9th at Dee Huntley’s house.

o       Looking for more volunteers to help.

-          Fish Stocking Committee

o       Members – Jack Kutscher, Pat Griffin

-          Common Lands Committee

o       Members – Margie Airola, Buddy

-          Newsletter

o       Andee Graves is looking for help to put together issue prior to Holiday party in December.

-          Dead Trees at the Entrance to the Bar-K

o       Update – Tim Crean is waiting for a response from the forest service.  Initial enthusiasm has been washed away by the bureaucracy.  We are still seeking permission to take down the trees ourselves.

o       Tim Crean to write a letter stating the potential liability of the Forest Service, should one of the trees fall.

-          Holiday party

o       Dec 10th at Jack and Claudia’s house on Jed Smith, 4-7pm.

o       Dee Huntley to create large sign for bulletin board at entrance.

o       Anyone want to volunteer to be Santa?

-          Officer Appointments for Aug 2006 – Aug 2007 term

o       President – Patrick Griffin

o       Vice President – Tim Crean

o       Secretary – Dee Huntley

o       Treasurer – Cary Bush

o       Member at Large – Margie Airola


-          Next Board Meeting – Wednesday, November 29th at Pat and Dina Griffin’s house, 929 Rock Lake Road.



Adjourned: 8:30 pm