Hawaii 2006 Day 5 and 6

Max's Vacation Adventure 2006
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Day 5 Hawaii 5/7 April 10 2006

Thereís always good days and always bad days and this day was kind of in between. We woke up and almost immediately got in the car and started to drive to the volcano. But, the route apparently wasnít Mango Hale Ė Volcano we stopped in a bunch of places. Our first stop was at a coffee place where we thought we were just getting coffee.  First when we walked through the door the adults got samples of Kona coffee and the owner showed us how he roasted the coffee.First he picks the beans, then he puts them in this roaster, then he mixes them and cools them, and finally he bags them. We were there for a while and the idea of snow cones came up so we bought some, But this wasnít snow cone ice this was real shaved ice which is like fluff itís really good. Afterwards, he asked us if we liked fruit of course we said yes we walked down a hill and watched him pick oranges and papayas we walked up the hill again and ate the papayas with lemon juice drizzled on them, Iíve never had a fruit so delicious. We finally got to the volcano which Iíve already been to before, it was just a big hole, a BIG  hole. Then we got to Holly and Robertís house, had supper and went to bed in a side house.
Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fine Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Style Shave Ice - Cool

Holly - Robert at Spencer Beach

Max on top of Mauna Kea Volcano


Day 6 in Hawaii 6/7 April 11 2006

Today, we woke up in the tea house and went to have breakfast at the 50ís cafť which was really neat and had a sign outside that said ďLost dog, 3 legs, no right ear, broken tail, blind in one eye, goes by the name of Lucky.Ē We sat around the table and told stories and jokes. The owner of the restaurant survived the tsunami in the year of 1946 because he was late for school.   After breakfast we went back to Holly and Roberts and walked to a waterfall while dad and John fixed a generator. The water was so pretty I took a closer look and kind of fell in kind of on purpose and started to swim.  Afterwards we went to a place called Waipio Valley where I rolled down a grass hill which somehow irritated my skin and I had a rash until we got home and I took a shower. We had dinner and I fell asleep.

So far I really donít want to leave.