Good afternoon, everyone,

looks like our first significant snow event of the season is upon us,

coming in two waves: #1 from NOW through the wee hours of tomorrow,
and #2 from about this time tomorrow into the morning hours of Friday.
Individually, these two storms do not have a shot at reaching the magic
12" mark, but the combined total could reach that amount for the higher
foothills of Boulder County in particular.

Given current temperatures in the 40s in the plains and 30s in the foothills,
I would expect to see some continued rain showers in the plains to change
over to snow by sundown or shortly after, while snow should make the
evening commute a bit messy tonight for foothill dwellers. Any precipitation
after 8pm should be snow for everyone. Given forecast liquid amounts of
1/4-1/2" (maybe more in the Larimer County foothills) tonight, I would expect
to see 2-8" of snow before sunrise tomorrow, depending on elevation.

It will be quite cold tomorrow and Friday, definitely below freezing above 8K
even during the day, with lows in the 10s higher up and 20s in the plains
both nights. If it clears up early enough, higher elevations could dip into
the singles above 0F by Friday morning, while the plains could see 10sF
by Saturday morning, since they will get less wind by then, and assuming
at least a thin snow cover.

Before I forget, the 2nd event (tomorrow this time into Friday morning) appears
to favor regions more to the south, hence my hedge towards Boulder County
getting the biggest intersection of the two storms. But even Larimer County
should see 1-4" out of that one, with 3-6" more common further south.

Therefore, some of us could see about a foot or slightly more by Friday.

Off to a late PSA-start,

think snow,


P.S.: I have not started any blogging just yet, stay tuned.

P.P.S.: I will be talking about the upcoming winter at Chatauqua on November 7th